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If your home or building is sinking or subsiding, a geotechnical engineer will be required to analyze the structure, and determine the appropriate repair. Geotechnical engineers have testing methods to analyze the soil to

The Most Common Home Insurance Claims

Fallen roof tiles, subsidence, burst and frozen pipes and collapsed chimneys are also common claims. Repairing these kinds of damage is very rarely cheap! While the biggest claims may relate to major fires and significant


What subsidence insurance covers

A good specialist provider will understand the subsidence you have suffered, the remedy taken to fix it and the likelihood of it happening again. If repaired properly the chances of any problems recurring are minimal so the



Summer heatwave will escalate subsidence risk : Insurance Daily

Subsidence repairs cost more than £7,000 on average, and houses built before 1965 are particularly susceptible to subsidence damage. Last year nearly 28,000 claims were submitted for subsidence damage, totalling £137